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8 Best android App Development Languages For 2021

 android-app-developmentDelopers who are a beginner in this development field remain to confuse for opting one scripting language. In contrast, experienced ones make themselves updated with the new development languages, writes Aman Khan

The devices which are most in use in this world are the Android devices. The demand for apps is also increasing because of an increasing number of smartphone users.

When we talk about Android app development services, many programming languages come to mind, and choosing one is challenging. Every language in its place has some advantage over the others. So, the language selection is always dependent on your project requirement.

Developers who are a beginner in this development field remain to confuse for opting one scripting language. In contrast, experienced ones make themselves updated with the new development languages.

Let’s see the 2021’s eight best Android app development languages.

1. C++
You can say C++ is the pioneer among all programming languages we use today. Also, Android Studio provided supports for C++ with the help of the Native Development Kit (NDK). Android Studio can easily integrate C++ libraries for development purposes.

Another benefit that comes with this language is the support of Unreal Engine. It is a game engine where game developers build addictive games for gamers. For many, C++ is a bit limited language to use on the Android platform.

The reason is the absence of flexibility. Newbies find a hard time while using this, so it is preferable for experienced developers.

2. Java
Java is the universal language when it comes to Android app development. It is above all the competition. For any Android application development company, Java is the official development language. It has a legacy of more than 20 years and is the highest-rated language of all time. The capabilities of this scripting language are in a significant number.

Firstly, learning it is comparatively easy, or you can say it is a no-brainer. There is a support of a well-established community, and most importantly, Google provides its full support for the applications built on Java. That’s the reason why developers build an app on Java.

3. Kotlin
Kotlin is another popular language in the Android app development world. It was introduced as a cross-platform language by JetBrains in 2016 and became the official Android language in 2017.

In comparison with Java, Kotlin is easy, and beginners can initiate the app development process at a fast pace.

It’s a general-purpose programming language consisting of type interference and runs on the JVM. Because of its type interference, Kotlin is more concise and reduces lines of code. It includes multiple Android libraries, and to minimize errors; it also has null pointer exceptions.

4. C#
C# is the part of the .NET framework. Anders Hejlsberg is the creator of this language, and Microsoft launched it in 2000.

It is a cross-platform language, supports OOP (Object Oriented Programming), and is based on the C language. The syntax is also similar to Java and C++.

Programmers primarily use C# for developing an app for the Windows platform, but it is also suitable for Android and iOS native development using Xamarin.

Xamarin allows app developers to compile C# code in the operating system native language. There is much material on the internet that one can use to learn C# with Xamarin.

The binaries in this framework work identically as native Android or iOS apps do in their respective languages like Java or Swift.

Besides, without learning any new language, a developer can program native applications for iOS and Android platforms on Xamarin. Because of this framework, C# has become the most popular language of 2021. Even Unity, a game engine, supports C# for game development.

5. Python
Python is a high-level development language and has become increasingly popular for Android app development. Several tools are there that allow the Python app to convert into Android packages make it work on Android phones and tablets. Python is an object-oriented language and consists of attractive features like dynamic typing and dynamic binding for building an Android application.

It also results in reduced development time and maintenance costs. Python is suitable for any application. Whether it’s a simple calculator app or a commercial-level app, Python can handle everything.

6. Corona (Lua)
Corona comes as a software package that enables Android application development with Lua. To use that, one requires Android Studio.

Native and simulator are the two modes of Corona. You can program code directly in simulator mode because it works as a native development environment. Native comes in action to translate Lua script in operating system understandable form and make native development possible.

The use of Corona (Lua) is also straightforward compared to Java. Aspiring programmers and development companies can try out this language and new environment to build apps.

7. React Native (JavaScript)
React Native is the best framework for JavaScript, offers localized mobile app development for Android and iOS. It relies on the response JavaScript library of Facebook to border the user. However, it targets the mobile platform instead of targeting the browser. People also consider JavaScript as the IT industry cockroach.

The User Interface (UI) mechanism is of it is also similar to the native apps.

It comes as one of the best frameworks for both operating systems and does not disappoint at any stage. The potential of JavaScript with React Native is very high.

The developer does not need to code two separate apps with that. Instead, one single codebase can be compiled for different operating systems. That ability is known as ‘code reusability, resulting in a faster development cycle, saving cost, minimizing time, and less maintenance.

8. PhoneGap
Last in this list, but not in the world, is PhoneGap. It is one of the simple options you can consider for your Android app development. The force which powers the PhoneGap is Apache Cordova. The code it utilizes to build an app is similar to a programmer’s code to build a website.

They are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After that, it appears in a “WebView,” but in actuality, it becomes an app. PhoneGap acts as a connecting bridge for developers and allows them to access some of the primary native features of a smartphone, like a camera or an accelerometer.

People assume that JavaScript is the only actual language for Android development, which is not valid.

For most of the work, it will help, but in actual and professional means, one needs to have more than one choice in their hood.

Summing Up

When it comes to deciding a programming language for an Android app, there are many options. Many developers prefer Kotlin over other languages because of its official support from the platform and easy learning curve.

Meanwhile, if someone likes challenges, Java is for them to give them some thrill. For developing a game, C# and C++ come as the best choices. Python and Corona would be suitable for experienced coders who know how the logic flows in any program.

Lastly, one doesn’t need to learn all these languages at once. Everything comes with their good and bad. But if you want to develop an Android application for your business, contact any reputable software development company today.


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