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A Short History of The Brand

The vision Of Stom Crafts Media started in February 2019 with the name NaijaTech, but its full effect was November 16th 2020, since then this website (stomcrafts.com), has been a sure source for Latest Technology News and Updates, Software Reviews and more.

Full Details About Us

This company started as a graphics studio, in the year 2010 with the name Stom Grafix, giving creative and eye-pleasing designs to the masses.

Since most graphics works that time turned out to need printing out, so we collaborated with a printing press named Mass Printing Press (now MASS Digital World) in 2017

We moved on to creating a technology website to help people in bringing solution to technology challenges, which was named NaijaTech then in 2019.

As a brand Devoted To The World At Large, gifted with several talents, we made a move in 2019 to merge all our business names to make them one, and that was how Stom Crafts came into existence.

We then changed the name of the website NaijaTech in the year 2020 making it Stom Crafts Media, since then, this blog has been a source of Quality Contents and Redistributing Necessary Information that will make do of people as an up-to-date Internet Surfer Ranging from Software reviews, phone and computer reviews, Technology News and Updates and more, Do Take your Time to Surf Around The site to Really Get to Know all About Us.

Want To Contact Us

You May Choose to Contact Us For Advices, Advert Placements, Services To Be rendered, Reports of BUGS, Abuse By User, Partnership, Or Friendship.

Be Free To File Your Report Here At (stomcrafts@gmail.com) or Call: (+2348162281843) With full Heading and Details Of Your Contact Purpose.

Take your Time also To read Our Company’s Privacy Policy Regarding To This Site Use and User Data.