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Best 10 Android Game You Should Never Miss

1. Brothers In Arm

BIA is a millitary game fighting alongside the United States Soldiers against enemy army in almost every continent in the world with your brothers (soliders), you can never be disappointed, there is a reason it is our number 1.

Download BIA 3

2. Cover Fire


Cover fire is also a shooting game, a very good game with a sharp and clear video, it is cleary different from BIA cos u will not be fighting with soldiers, it is also a good game, you should try it.

Download Cover Fire

3. PES 2021

PES is not a new game to any of us, bust PES 2021 is somehow better, just try and play it.

Download PES 2021

4.  FIFA 2021

fifa 22FIFA 2021 is also one of the best football game you will see out there.

On FIFA 2021, you will experience good camera styles in hd, new ball types and updated kits (as at 2021).

Download FIFA 2021

5. Football Manager 2022 Mobile

football manager 2022

You will be able to do business transaction with your players by selling and buying from different teams  for in-game vitual money is indeed real and working in this game.

You can also use store items that enables you to unlock some restricted features of FM 2022 Mobile, all this can be unlocked for free without making any purchase.

Download FM 2022

6.  Dream League Soccer


You as a football game lover has to check out DLS especially this modified version is going to make the game alot very easy, you are going to be buying players as easy as anything and it is going to make the game more interesting.

Download DLS

7. Candy Crush Saga


Candy Crush Saga in not an action game, but I can say 80% of people have played the game and they loved it.

The only problem the game is having is that, it is that when you reach like level 1500, you will be having some feeling that they are repeating what you have played in the previous level, well, that should not stop you from playing the game, download the mod version with unlimited everything below of the game below.

Download Candy Crush Saga

8. God Of War

9. Gears of War

10. GTA 5


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