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How To Open WhatsApp Account With An American Number?

Did you know that you can open WhatsApp Account with American number?


Below are step by step, just do well to read carefully, here we go.

Step 1
Go to you browser and search for www.sonetel.com. then hit the button which says “GET ONE”

Step 2

Write the Number which you want to receive the call from .

Then choose the Country and the number you want . After that click the button says “TRY FREE” to get it . After that they will ask you to put your Company name , you can even write your Name .

Now that you have wrote your company name already, they will direct you to your company settings , then look down we will a notification icon then tap on it you will see the Number you chose.
Then screenshot it .

Now go to Whatsapp on your device and change to United States in the registration page. Then write the Number which you screenshot from sonetel , and request for call .

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