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Difference Between Windows OS and IOS

windows os vs ios

After the previous post about Windows OS (if you have not read it Click Here), I think I should bring you the differences between Windows OS and IOS from my own view.


Let’s get to the points

1. The Windows OS is very Common

We  all know people use the Windows OS more than the IOS so it makes it very easy to get it apps easily and for free.

Because the Windows OS is the commonest, this has made app developers to built more apps that are compatible with the Windows OS.

The IOS is not as common as Windows OS, so technically the points above is completely against the IOS.

2. The Windows OS is Very Easy to Use

Yes, it is very easy to use, so therefore there are many people using the Windows OS, Not like the IOS, I would not have gone for something that’s hard to use or to learn where there is something more easier to use either.

Windows OS installation software are very easy to get from anywhere, be it online, from friends, so it makes the OS to be more available.

3. App

Apps compatible with Widows OS are all over the internet, not like the IOS, even if the app you want is not in the Windows App Store, you will surely get it on any website after searching for it on google, but if you can’t find the app you need on the Apple App Store, you might not be able to get it anywhere else.

More has been said on comparison between windows and other operating systems, Pls read it here.


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