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Download GBWhatsapp Latest Version By Alex Mods

gb whatsapp

We don’t actually need to be explaining how useful GBWhatsapp is, we all have experienced it, how good it is and how better it is than the official app itself.

GBWhatsapp by Alex Mods stands out from all other GBWhatsapps for several features, including but not limited to; themes and anti delete messages.

GBWhatsapp has features like adjustable UI (User Interface), meanwhile some other GBWhatsapp excluding the ones you will see on this website is now having ads on home screen and even chat screen.

Below are some exclusive features of the GBWhatsapp you are about to download.

Features of GBWhatsapp

1. Adjustable UI

This GBWhatsapp is the best GBWhatsapp becos it is so easy and there i no ads and even you will be able to adjust the user interface as you like, apart from online themes, you can make everything look the way you want, this involve changing chat screen bubbles, fonts, colors and others by going to the GB Settings.

GBWhatsapp settings

2. Anti Message Delete

In this GBWhatsapp, people cant delete message for you, once they send it, they can not unsend it no more, they can only delete for themselves, even if they choose to delete for everyone, it wont delete for you.

3. Anti Status Delete

Apart from hidding read receipt, when you can hide if for your status views so they won’t know when you view their status.

Offing read receipt will only make both of you not to knw when you read messages, but with GBWhatsapp, you will hide it for them and they wont be able to hide it from you.

Download the app to check out other features of the app.

Download GBWhatsapp APK

App Name:

GBWhatsapp Apk

Version:Latest version
Operating System:Android

Download GBWhatsapp V14.0

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