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Download MX Player MOD APK v1.41.1 (Without Ads)


Download the latest MX Player of 2021, MX Player being the best of video playing applications in the internet of today, has come with its latest version (v1.39.1) in which we have modded for your conveniency.

This MX Player has been one of the greatest video player with many advantages over other apps with something like easy streaming of online videos, playing offline videos with smooth and almost the best graphics.

MX Players with its good performance is as light as any other apps you can see out there, with the size of the app and speed of the app.

In this MX Player you will be able to download subtitles for every video right from where you are watching the video with nothing more than 10kb of data, it is nice isn’t it?

Below are the Latest Features of this MX Player Modded APK
  1. No Ads: All ads has been removed for easy watching of video, just for only you.
  2. Subtitle Download: You can download subtitle straight to the video you are watching without closing the video or anything.
  3. Subtitle Sync: You can synchronize subtitle if its too fast or slow or doesn’t rhyme with the video
  4. You can watch lasted Hollywood, Bollywood and other movies right from the home page of the player.

Download and install to explore more features of the app.

App Name:

MX Player Pro v1.39.1

Operating System:Android

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Download MX Player MOD v1.39.1

Download MX Player MOD v1.40.6

Download MX Player MOD v1.41.1


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