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Download The 7 Best Web Browsers of 2021

Well, we all know there are many browsers out there, with special functions, but which one is the best, which one is most advantageous, well, continue reading through this post, that’s exactly why this post is written

Well, it’s really difficult to choose between some browsers, but when we checked well, we saw that they surpass themselves.

Below are the list of best web browsers to use in 2021.

1. Google Chrome:

chrome for pc

We all know Google Chrome to be fast and very popular  browser, well no one can say it is not the best as far as 2021 is concern, presently, we haven’t seen any browser that is actually better than Google Chrome.

Chrome has kept on being the best for a long time for it great uses and features like speed, versatility, availability and maintainability.

Some of us used to dislike Chrome for the lack of some features like ad blocking on mobile but we can actually get the feature of blocking with the help of some other apps.

Compatibility: Windows, IOS, Android

Download Chrome APK

Download Chrome For PC

2. Microsoft Edge:

edge for windows

I really love this browser for being what it is, so beautiful, not common though but it actually fast and doesn’t hang unnecessarily.

Edge is one of the best browser you will actually get out there. Even Edge is having the ad blocking for mobile which we said Chrome is lacking, and even uses extensions for pc. It is indeed a very cool browser.

Compatibility: Windows, IOS, Android

Download Edge For Android

Download Edge for PC

3. Moxilla Firefox:

firefox for pc

The Moxilla Firefox is also a very cool web browser that has been existing for long and really useful. Moxilla is also available for pc and mobile devices and good to some levels.

Firefox as it is, has been lacking some features, well, maybe it has been fixed in the latest ones, but still some are still not displaying some fonts that they should be displaying, and if not for that, I think Firefox is also a great browser.

Compatibility: Windows, IOS, Android

Download Moxilla APK

Download Chrome for PC

4. Opera Mini:

opera-for pc

We all know Opera mini, Opera news, Opera Beta, all those version of Opera, though some browsers are also having beta version and more, but not as Opera, Opera Mini is available for mobile and pc devices.

Compatibility: Windows, IOS, Android

Download Opera for Android

Download Opera Mini

5. Kiwi Browser:

kiwi browser download

Kiwi Browser is a Chromelike browser and a very good browser.

If not for that the pc version of this browser is still missing, I would have said this is the best browser currently. The Kiwi Browser for mobile, uses extensions just as the pc versions, and it’s as fast as any other browser you can think of.

This Kiwi Browser features homepage screen like Opera with some websites and you can even add your favorite browser and even if you want to remove the default favorite websites, you can remove them, unlike some browsers that will stick some website to the homepage and they won’t even be websites of your choice. For that, I really like it, only for the problem of not available for pc.

Download Kiwi Browser APK

6. Safari:

safari browser

Well, for iphone users, it might be the best, but not true actually, some people can’t even tell differences between some browsers, but that is not our concern but the one that can perform better.

Safari is also also good and fast bur still lacking some features.

Compatibility: Windows, IOS,


7. Internet Browser:

internet explorer

We all know the long existing Internet Browser for windows, it is really a pleasure to have used that browser, only that it is out dated and retired by the producers and can’t even perform some functions as a browser, and it has been changed to Edge on major operating systems

Compatibility: Windows and Mac, (Edge For Android)


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