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Download WWE 2K20 PSP ISO file | PPSSPP 2020


Lots of WWE fans watch the series on TV, some even watch these matches live on the internet enjoying Smackdown, Raw, NXT, MITB, Survivor series, Summer Slam, WrestleMania, and other sub-groups of the series. However, you should not only watch matches as you can now play WWE game right on your game consoles and even on your android device.
You can select your favourite wrestlers and fight matches against the enemies all the way to the top, so never miss the live actions right on your device since the game looks more real than ever.

So today we are here with WWE 2K20 PSP iso file, we will guide you through on how to download and install this game on your android device using PSP emulator.
The WWE 2K20 is a new wrestling game for the year 2020 and you should not be left out as you can play this PPSSPP game right on your android device without owning a PSP game console. Although, the game has been discontinued by the company since 2015 but developers who seem to like the game have taken up the job to mod the game for us to be able to play.

So in this article, we will provide you with the WWE ISO file, we will also guide you through on how to import the ISO file into the PSP emulator and start playing. But before we dive into how to download and install WWE game, let me tell you about the new features of the game.

Features of WWE 2K20 PPSSPP game
• Updated wrestlers
This PSP game has been updated with new wrestlers and divas to start your fight and win your opponents, so you get to choose your fighter from the large list of superstars available.

• HD graphics
One of the joy of playing games is when you playing games that looks more real than life itself. WWE 2K20 has great graphics which display details of the fight arena and the wrestlers themselves.

• Wrestlers entrance scene
All wrestler entrance styles have been included, with the behaviour of each and every wrestler before and after they enter the fight arena.

• New interesting matches
Lots of matches have been added to the game, you will get to fight in cages, money in the bank, you will have access to Tables, ladders and chairs as well as tag teams and endurance matches.

• Battery saving
This game have been optimized to save battery, unlike the previous versions of the game like 2K19 and 2K18, this PPSSPP game gives you more playing time.

Device Requirements for WWE 2020
2GB ram
2GB free storage space
Big screen device to enjoy the details
PSP emulator
Zip extractor extract app to extract ISO file

Download information
File name: WWE 2K20
File type: ISO file
Download size: 530MB
Date updated: November 2020
Developer: EA Sports

How to download and Install WWE PSP ISO file

Download WWE PSP ISO File

  1. Download android PPSSPP emulator from here
  2. Download Zip extractor from here
  3. Now after downloading the ISO file, use the zip extractor to extract the WWE file you downloaded
  4. Use BESTINTHEMOD as the password upon request
  5. After successful extraction, move the ISO file to SD card using this path SDcard– PSP– Game.
  6. Install the PSP emulator and launch the app
  7. After seeing the game interface, click on “find games”
    Select WWE 2K20
  8. You can then start enjoying your game.

Enjoy playing.


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