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Packages on DSTV Now Available in Nigeria


We all know DTSV to be the best entertainment company in Africa ranging from South Africa where it was originated to all over the countries in Africa.

DSTV has proven to be the best as they also are not stopping and giving it all it takes to be the best.

As a matter of fact they have been planning to introduce some things to let the DSTV different from what it has been, to be more enjoyable and pleasurable and now, maybe it’s the actual time to implement their new ideas.

The MultiChoice Cable TV (DSTV) has introduced some interesting Bouquet to serve commercial companies and organizations better in Nigeria.

This bouquet I’m talking about right here was introduced to let business owners and organization runners to enjoy the greatest TV experience in High Definition (HD).

The CEO of MultiChoice in Nigeria (John Ugbe) said they have always been asking themselves in their organization how to improve the quality wideness of their business to make it more fun for subscribers. To make guests of houses and company to feel better after viewing DSTV shows in their houses.

The new BOUQUETS Introduced

The new bouquet or packages introduced are the DSTV Work, DSTV Stay & DSTV Play, brought to make subscribers enjoy their subscriptions better and more amusing.

So now, you can easily subscribe to the DSTV Business packages that suit the business better, or the one you can enjoy enough entertainments on better.


The bouquet was designed for offices and  banks, where they can watch weather forecast, business oriented programs, sport and news all around the world.

New Things to Enjoy on DSTV Work

  • High Definition Graphics (Good and Clean Videos)
  • Enlightened Workers
  • Better Confidence


This Stay Bouquet is the one introduced for people lodging in guest house, inns, lodges, resorts, viewing centers, this particular bouquet will surely want people to increase their time of stay in wherever new place they are staying.

With the newly introduced channels every visitors will definitely like to stay more and enjoy the exciting channels on the Stay Bouquet because of how entertaining they are.

New Things Introduced on DSTV Stay

  • Neat Displays
  • Good rating reviews
  • New Guests.


From the word Play, you also can guess what this bouquet will be for, what does play actually mean if not entertainment.

This is the bouquet invented for business owners, cafes, bar and restaurants and homes. This particular bouquet will be able to entertain guest better and let them enjoy their stay in the new place they are in.

This bouquet have more channels to be enjoyed like music, sports, news, movies and interesting programs from every part of the world.

I would advice most people to pay for the Play bouquet, because to me it is something I would subscribe for, its more entertaining and enjoyable, with no dispute, this is the most entertaining bouquet of the newly introduced bouquet on the DSTV.

New Things You Will Enjoy on DSTV Play

  • Newly Introduced Channels for Movies
  • Good and Clean Videos
  • Tolerant Personnel
  • Better Video Display


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