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FIFA 21 PPSSPP ISO File Download – PS4


Download the upgraded FIFA 2021 ISO file for free and highly compressed to use less of your storage space and reduce your data consumption for download.

This FIFA 2021 is having new texture files, save data and other information.

Well, if you are gamer, then this is another one for you to try, we’ve never seized in bringing you the latest games for you pleasure.

FIFA 21 is the latest of the games produced by the EA Sport, EA Sport is actually a very popular company founded in 1991 in Canada.

The EA Sport has always been producing stunning graphics and beautiful design when its comes football games. Check the latest feature of the FIFA 2021 below.

FIFA 21 PPSSPP Latest Features (Improvements)
  • 2021 New Kits
  • News Plash Screen
  • Expert and Beautiful  Graphics
  • PS4 Camera
  • Champions League
  • New Transfers
  • New Ball Types
  • New Skills
  • Unique Goal Celebration for some players
  • PS4 Gameplay
  • Improved Commentary


Requirements for FIFA 21

Below are what your phone must be up to before you should download the FIFA 2021, otherwise, you might not enjoy the game and experience some malfunctions in the game.

  • Android Smartphone with android 6 or above
  • 2GB ROM and 2GB RAM
  • Decompressing App to open the files you’re about to download
  • PSP Emulator
  • Internet Connection to download the files you are about to download.
Reqired Apps to Download Before FIFA 2021

You know PPSSPP already, it is the PS app that will really play the game, download below

Download PPSSPP

2. File Compressor

The file compressor is the app that will help you to open the file you are about to download so that you can be able to open the files and access them as required, download below.

Download File Extractor

Download FIFA 2021 ISO Files 

FIFA 21 ISO File - 576MB

Download FIFA 21 Save Data + Texture File

Save Data File - 133MB

How to Install FIFA 21 PPSSPP on Android

It is very easy to install the game, well, it might be hard if you don’t know how to, just read on to get how to install if this is your first time of installing the game. Download all the files listed above including PSP Gold and ZArchiver app.

After Downloading the File, extract the file using the ZA Achiever and make sure it is extracted for real and it does not cancel while downloading.

  • After extracting, move the ISO file to the Game Folder.
  • Cloth the ZA Archiever
  • Open the PPSSPP App (PPSSPP Gold Emulator
  • Click on Find Game
  • Locate the FIFA 2021 and select it to start playing the game.

FIFA 2021 Download File Details and Sizes
App Name:FIFA 21 PS4 
Operating System:Android

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