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Floyd Mayweather Destroys Conor Mcgregor and ‘YouTube Girl’ Logan Paul in One Epic Tweet

LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 27: Boxer Floyd Mayweather speak onstage at Genius Talks during the 2015 BET Experience at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 27, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Floyd Mayweather has snapped back at YouTube sensation Logan Paul. The legend of the sport took to his Twitter to respond to the outlandish claims made by the American internet celebrity.

This came after Logan said he would beat Floyd Mayweather in a street fight. There have been several rumors that the two will share the ring in a fight, and this seems to have added more fuel to the fire.

‘Money Mayweather’ tweeted, “These YouTube girls better find some Barbie dolls to play with cause I’m not the one for the kid games. 3 years ago a fighter from the UFC said my name and I had to put a muzzle on that b**ch. @loganpaul can get the same treatment before I go conquer Japan again.”



There are a few aspects to this tweet from Mayweather. Firstly, he expresses his opinion on the YouTube boxing concept and calls it ‘kid games’. He also takes a swipe at UFC star Conor McGregor and reminds everyone of the treatment he gave him. Finally, he confirms his plans of conquering Japan after the latest reports surrounding his return.

Will Floyd Mayweather Actually Fight Logan Paul?

As bizarre as it sounds, the boxing world is at a situation where internet celebrities are calling out legends of the sport. So is this fight likely to even happen? Going by Mayweather’s tweet, it sure seems like the undefeated American is willing to get in the ring and fans will know that it would be a rather easy fight for the former champion.


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