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How To Add Downloaded Subtitle File to Video While Playing or Before Playing


If you download subtitle file from our website, then you might not even need this because we always make sure that all our subtitle files are .srt, making it possible for it to be compatible with your vedio without renaming or doing any other things with it.

If you download subtitle file for series or season film, then it might be zipped just for ur conviniency, for it to be easy to download, so if you have download a zipped file, you can just unzip it and get the .srt file inside and put it in your video straight.

Meanwhile if you download the subtitle file here in .srt or you have unzipped it and it is now in .srt, and it is not displaying in the video you are watching, then you might have to insert it to the video by yourself, if you don’t know how to insert it to the video, then below are the steps to insert it.

How to Put Subtitle File in Video

1. Download the subtitle file

2. Open your video player

3. Locate the video and open

4. While playing, click options and select subtitle, or even before playing, select the video and click options, then select open subtitle

5. Locate the subtitle file you downloaded, it is usually in the download folder in your phone storage.

6. Click on the file and that is all.


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