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How To Advertise Your Business With Social Media Influencer ( And Why You Should Not Pay Influencer For Advertisement)

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It might sound ridiculous to not pay influencer for advert, but your business needs advertisement, what should you do???

Yea, there are many ways to advertise your business to make it yield very well, paying influencer is not a very bad thing, but it might not improve sales in your business.

How Will Paying Influence Not Yield Business?

It might improve sales but not very much and the main problem is that the improvement will just be for a veryshort period of time, so paying them might not be the best to do.

Influencer will just post your business once or twice in a week, and people might not need your product that time, or might not be available online that particular period, so how will sales be increased with that? definitely, there will be no improvement in sales.

How To Advertise Your Business With Influencer.

To advertise your business with influencer, you should just offer them what you are doing, maybe you are selling stuffs, or any other business involving buying and selling, the best is just to offer them what you are selling or let them become your ambassador for good, during that time, advertising your business will become their daily life style, in everything they do.

Imagine you are selling clothes, and you pay the influencer with clothes and wears, anytime he is puting on the cloths or wears, he will definitely be referring people to you, telling them the wears are from you.

Imagine you have paid him the other time, and he has advertised your business that time and the period for the advertisment is due already, that’s is the end, he wont talk about your business anymore, which will not be effective as offering them your services.


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