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How To Transfer VPN Data To Pc (How To Connect VPN Free Browsing With PC)


In this article, we will explain in details how you will be able to connect your VPN free browsing with your pc.

It is very easy and even fast, you will just need some tools, and we will provide you with the tools right here in this article, this article will comprise of everything you need to do it and nothing more.

For start you need to know what they call USB Debugging, if you don’t know it before, then you should go to developer options on your phone to turn it on, after turning on the USB Debugging,

What Do I Need To Connect VPN Free Browsing With PC???

  • Internet Connection
  • You will now download this two apps, one for the system, one for the phone, it’s now this two apps that will connect together that will transfer the internet on the mobile phone to the PC, the connected VPN and the location the VPN changed the phone to, everything will be transferred straight to the computer.

Download PdaNet APK

Download PdaNet For PC

How Do I Connect VPN Free Browsing With PC?

  • After downloading the one for PC,
  • Install it then install the one for the phone too.
  • Remember to  have already on USB debugging because it can’t work if you do not.
  • Now, start the VPN app and get it connected.
  • Then connect your phone to the computer with a good USB cord.
  • Then open the app on your phone, click USB Tether and click PdaNet icon on the taskbar on your pc and click Connect Internet (UBS)
  • Once its connected, the internet and location on your phone will be shared with the computer, IP will be hidden and location changed to where it is on the phone.

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