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How To Create Your Own Stickers And Upload Them On WhatsApp

Whatsapp stickersWe all know the owner of Facebook is now also the owner of Whatsapp, so just after he bought it he introduced some features which made the app to be more interesting, one of it is the introduction of sticker which made users to be able to express their feelings much better.

Stickers can be funny at some times and can also be annoying but since its you yourself that want to do it, you will be able to pick which picture you like better, you might have seen a picture of the president himself as a sticker, that is the handwork of some jobless citizens maybe.

So here we wanna talk on how to create stickers, to have your own set of stickers, you can use your picture or anyone’s picture to make the stickers we are talking about, Lets go there then.

Step 1
Go to play store and download any sticker maker app, preferably type the word “Sticker Maker” in the search bar and tap on the first one
After the app is been downloaded, open it and click add stickers
It will definitely take you to your device storage to select a picture
After then crop the picture to a square size and click finish.

Step 2
What you need now is to send the stickers to the Whatsapp.
Some sticker makers might send the new stickers to Whatsapp themselves and some might not
So if the one you download did not, just click upload to Whatsapp whereever it is on the app
Then go to Whatsapp to check if they are there.
And that’s all

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