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How To Fix Issues Of App Not Downloading On Google Play Store (Fix Playstore Errors)

playstore pending error issur

You will discover some apps will not update on playstore and some might not even download, they will just keep saying pending or canceling while downloading, it has happened to me so that is why I want to share it with you, how I fixed it, what can cause it and how you can guard against something like that in future.

What Can Cause It???

When things like that happen, it is usually caused by bug in an application, bugs are like error or blemish, or lets use the general word, problem in apps.

Bugs come directly from manufacturer of apps so it is not something you can personal avoid completely like that, but still you can fix it when it happens.

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How To Fix It.

To Fix this particular issue of playstore not downloading app, all you need might not be more than clearing the app cache and the app storage, this really work for many apps that misbehave, they will just get back to normal after clearing cache and app data.

Talking about clearing app cacher and app data, this was the exact way I fixed my own and it started working immediately, It first started when downloading Chrome alone and later extended to some other apps.

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Steps on How To Fix Issue of Playstore Not Downloading Apps

1. Goto Settings.

2. Select App Management.

3. Select App Setting.

4. Find Playstore and click on it. (You just long tap the Playstore app from menu or the home screen and tap on Application Info (ℹ️), this will skip steps 1 to 3 and jump to 4.)

5. Click Storage and Cache

plastore clear app data

6. Click Clear Cache and Clear Data

plastore clear app cache

7. Restart Playstore and it will work well like that.

Note: The above solution will work only if you have confirmed that the problem of not downloading is not insufficient storage size.

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