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How To Fix “Battery Not Charging” Problem on PC

system battery not charging

I’m writing this because I just experienced it, well, I have seen it many times before and fixed it, but it just happened with my system, just now, and I think the best is to share it with you.

Well, there nothing much to be done in a situation like this, u just have to follow some simple steps and get it done in a few minutes.

This post will consist of two sections, the CAUSE section and SOLUTION section.

1. CAUSE (Problem)

Let’s first check out what could cause a problem like that, what could have been the source of the problem?

1a. Power Source (Voltage)

The very first thing you should check if you are facing a problem like this is to check your power source, reason is that, apart from making the system not to charge, if the voltage is too high or low, it can damage your battery, charger or even your system.

So if your power voltage is still normal, then you should proceed to the second point below.

1b. Charger

Charger also can bring this type of problem, now let’s proceed to the solutions, how to fix these above mentioned problems.


When problems happen, there must be a way to solve them, what can be done to solve this problem, keep reading, we are almost there.

2a. Solution to Voltage Problem

If you have detected that your power voltage is high or low, then the best is to unplug your system as fast as possible, cos it can damage your system or battery.

Therefore, you can use stabilizer with your charger to correct the low or high voltage, if the problem persist, try not to use your system at that very moment until the problem is fixed.

2a. Solution to Charger Problem

If it is the charger that is faulty, the only solution might be to replace the charger, I regret to tell you that there is no other thing to do if the cause of the problem is charger, the only solution is to replace your charger as soon as possible.

Repairing a charger might endanger your system, therefore, the best is to replace your charger.

Note: If the problem persist, please visit your engineer, the best is not to use your system with this error.


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