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How to Get a Girl’s Phone Number, Simple Tricks

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We all know these days, getting a girl’s number is not difficult anymore as it is much more easier with the use of social media where she might have put it in here profile herself.

But here let’s talk about a girl you don’t have on the social media, how do you talk to her, what will you discuss with her, don’t worry you are at the right place, just follow the simple tricks below and you are good.

1- Let her know you need her number

The fact that she accepted to talk to you may after call her or meeting somewhere and you sked to spend some minutes talkin talking together then she accepted.

At this level having her number might by difficult, but some girls will talk with you, discuss several things with you and won’t give you their number even when you ask for it, not to talk you when you don’t ask for it.

So after some minutes that you have been talking let her known you need her number, ask for it, if she don’t give you, continue talking about what your have been talking abt before and after some minutes stylishly ask for it still, try making her laugh maybe it will ease her mind and you might be lucky.

(Remember not to ever force her, always respects girls’ decision)

2- Give Her Your Number First

This is really effective because it shows her that you’re willing to give something to her as well.

Yes, it might not be something she was asking for, but the impression is that you’re having a mutual exchange instead of you just asking for something from her.

3- Tell Her You Need Her Number

Another big mistake guys make in how do you get a girl’s number? Asking for the number. Rather than asking, just tell her that you need her number so that the two of you can get together some time.

Telling her that you need her number is a much stronger and more confident move than simply asking.

You will find that your batting average when it comes to getting phone numbers will increase dramatically when you start using this power play to your advantage.

If any of these tricks work, remember you saw it here first.
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