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How to Hide Files (Photo, Video and Other Files) on Android Using Fotox App

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The heading should have been “How to Hide Files From the World on Android Devices” LOL, but just don’t wanna put it like that.


This app we are talking about right her can hide files from both internal and external storage, provided your device is accessible to it.

Hiding files is one task, hiding files from people that will still want to find the files is another task, so to people that is having this app or have known about will try to find the app and get to your files, but still, they can’t.

We have heard about several apps that hides file, some are phone app that can’t be downloaded or sent from anywhere, so this is on Play Store and with it, you can lock and hide your files from anyone.

fotox screen

Why Choosing Fotox

1. Doesn’t Look Suspicious

Lets look at it from the icon of the app, there is nothing suspicious about it, no one can see it and think its for hiding files, and the name also, FOTOX, sounds like PHOTOS and doesn’t sound like something people will actually be looking for on someone else device.

2. Password Recovery

Incase there is a mix up and you forget your password, its very easy to recover your password through your provided email.

3. Intelligent ways of hiding files

Even if people eventually open the app, the way the app looks when opened doesn’t look like suspicious at all.

There are several unlock mode in the app including finger print, pattern lock, pin lock, but I will advice you to use the Fake Crash.

This app developers are very intelligence, the fake crash above shows when you just open the app,  the app will just display a message saying, “Unfortunately, FOTOX has stopped” Report or OK, when you click OK it closes the app and when you click Report it will ask you to input your pin, after you input your report (PIN) and click send, then the app opens.

The app is available on Google Play… download below



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