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How to Make my Slow Charger Fast Again… Steps on How to Boost a Slow Charger to Make it Fast

Before reading this post, if you are not an Engineer or Engineering Student, kindly close this article and move to another article. Thank you.

Phone charger

Are you tired of complaining of your mobile charger and it’s charging speed, maybe you can’t figure out why it is so but here is clue that will guide you on how you can regain your charger speed.

Definitely every one hates the word slow because it always goes negative in every term like, slow walk, slow talk, slow internet and so on, but when it comes to your mobile charger, how do you deal with it. Do you simple dumb it and go for a new one or are you the managing type. Perhaps you can answer the questions yourself. But here is a way you can fix your charger speed within few minute. The steps looks weird but works perfectly fine

What do you really need for this

1) Charger

2) needle

3) A capacitor

4) Soldering iron

Below are the methods to follow

Step 1……

This is probably the first thing to do to a slow charger

▶️ Use the tip of your needle to scratch the inner part of your charger point

Why do you do this:

Dirt and some other substance hinders free contacts with your charger terminals and your phone charging point, But using a needle dipped in a methylated spirit makes the two contact clean and dirt free

Step two…

Work on your capacitor

The capacitor, why it does matter
Unlike the mitochondria in a cell which is regarded as the power house, the capacitor does the same work by providing sharing and distributing current in a circuit

Capacitors are sometimes regarded as temporary battery because of its ability to store energy for sometimes even after the circuit has been removed from the AC source thereby making it a precious thing in every circuit.

▶️Do you know that almost all electronic device consist of definite number of capacitors inside it’s circuit, the strength of a capacitor is measured in it’s capacitance which it’s been measured in volts and farads with (micro farads) the smaller unit.

Do you know 🤔➡️: that a capacitor having a 400v and 10 micro farads when placed in AC source can give a shock as strong the one from a wall socket. This however makes the capacitor a chief factor in our chargers charging speed

How do you know a faulty capacitor

1) Open your charger and check to see if any of the capacitor is swollen

2) If non of the capacitor is not swollen, check to see if any is depressed or inwardly disfigured .

3) You can use a meter to check if any of the capacitor is faulty…if discovered

4) use your soldering iron to pull out the damaged one

5) Find the same type of capacitor that has the same volt and micro farads Reading, or you can buy one from an electronic store

6) When all is done, couple your charger back and enjoy your speed enhanced charger

Hope you found this article helpful. I will like to see your likes and comment. Thanks!!!

Pls dont try this if you are not an engineer🙏🏼


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