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How To Open and Extract Rar File and Zip File (and How To Install Obb File)

There are some files that will definitely not open especially on andriod if they are not unzipped or extracted from where they are.

how to extract file on android

This files we are talking about are usually .zip or .rar file, that’s is why we have provided a solution here to show you how to unzip and extract file of both type.

What are the Difference Between .zip and .rar file.

The two are mainly for the same purpose, to pack files into a folder for easy copying or uploading, password protecting and some other things.

How to Extract and Install .rar and .zip files.

To extract file or .rar or .zip, all you need is to download an app which will help you extract the folder, and it is very easy, they are just like file manager but a powerful one

Steps on How to Extract .rar and .zip files.

1. Download and Install Zarchiver Pro below

Download Zarchiver Pro

2. Open the Zarchiver and locate the file you want to extract and click on it.

3. That’s is all, and you will have your file extracted or unzipped.

You can have your .rar file extracted with other apps Click Here

How to Install Obb and Data File

1. Go to Android Folder in File Manager

2.  Open the Obb Folder

3. Find the game name folder and move the Obb file inside the obb folder

4. Do the same thing for data file if the game is having data, Open the data folder, locate the game folder in the data folder and move the data file inside the folder.



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