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How to Play Sport betting without loosing


I have seen it’s a very difficult job for guys out there to place bet and win, that is why I have taken my time to help out with some of points I think will definitely help.

When staking bets, be it sporty bet, naira bet, bet 9ja any one there are certain things you must look into before placing your bet, I have done these thing several times and it worked before putting it up here.

Things to Note Before Placing Bet

1. Check the team’s previous games

2. Check their ranking in the table

After looking at those things, we all know the top aren’t for the looser as you can possibly stake teams at the top to either win or draw team at the lower side of the table, we all know football prediction is always very difficult, so I advice to mostly stake win or draw and over 1.5.

You also can add to it in the comment section and I will later add it to the post.
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