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How To Promote Your Business With Almost $0 For Bigger Sales


It is almost a new year when customers will be buying at largest, how can you help yourself and have bigger sales this new year, thats is the exact reason we are here to help you.

Business can not perform well without no promotions, you have to promote your business for it to be know seen by more customers. It is surely when people know about your business or they have seen your business that they will patronise you.

Now, what are the way that wont cost you much money to promte ur business, almost everybody know Google ads website to promote online and influencers on social media, but we are here to show the most affordle ways, lets go.

1. Flyers

Contact graphics to make flyers for you, we are all on facebook, whatsapp and all, posting only memes will not help your business, you also have to be post flyers that will help your to show your business to more people.

2. Business Account

You don’t actually have to be using facebook, twitter and others for fun only, make sure to create business account on all social media, create one today!

3. Request Review From Family and Friends

It wont actually take much of their time, you can easily tell them to review your business and make good coment on your business posts, this will make new visitors or customers to think good of your business.

4. Be Kind and Friendly to Customer

Do I even need to say this, there is a saying that “Customer is always right” well, not every time, but most time, you should give them the upper hand, you should never try to frighten them or do anything to let them think badly about your business.

This will be all for now, we shall add more with time.


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