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How to Use Twitter in Nigeria Without VPN

It’s no more news that the federal government of Nigeria through the Nigeria Communication Commission has ordered all internet service providers in the country to ban Twitter in Nigeria. This in response to Twitter deleting one of the president’s genocidal tweets which instigated violence.

Following the reaction of twitter deleting Nigeria President (President Muhammad Buhari) tweet days ago, the Nigeria Government has said it that Twitter is interfering to the affairs of the Country, and not positive interference, but disrespectful one making them deleting a speech of the President, a whole President! Just like play it has been done, after all that has been said by Nigerians that it cannot be banned, they actually banned it. It has been proposed to be done several days ago, but Nigerians never took it serious as they said they cannot do it, now it has been done. It’s not easy for Nigeria as Twitter was banned, even some government officials, governors and some important citizen has been complaining with the ban, but wait, how are tweeting? Let’s leave that for now. What is the way forward, what can they do, how do they tweet? There have been several tweets on how to tweet from Nigeria by Nigerians using VPNs, and it’s really working, we are having almost all Nigerians back on Twitter using VPN. This VPN usage consumes more power so it makes it difficult to spend more time or Twitter, maybe in some days we will have Nigerians back on street protesting to lift the Twitter ban. So maybe we should talk about this for real, is it normal to ban an app like Twitter in the country? is it not like taking off people’s right of speech? Anyways… Nigerians has been thanking their government for forcing them to use VPN to change location and trend words like “Lagos”, “Ibadan” and other things pertaining to Nigeria on Twitter, it is really not funny. Maybe they will lift the ban soon or not we are not sure, we promise to bring it to you as soon as it happens. - Stom

Earlier today, I posted a detailed guide on how to access Twitter in Nigeria despite the ban. Even the VPN will make it possible to access the website as well as Twitter App, VPNs can consume more data as well as battery.

In this post, I will be posting another alternative on how to access Twitter App in Nigeria without the use of VPN app. Unfortunately, this procedure will only work for those using Android devices.

How to Access and Open Twitter in Nigeria without VPN

Open your Twitter App and tap on the three lines on the top left to bring up the menu.

Select “Settings and Privacy” from the menu list.

After that, tap on “Proxy”.

On the next page, tick “Enable HTTP Proxy” and choose one of the proxies and ports below.

Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 999

Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 8080

Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 8080

After that, close /force stop your Twitter App and open it up again.
Note: incase the Proxy stops working, you can get new ones by clicking on this LINK.

That’s all guys.
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