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How To Get Free Youtube Data With MTN

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It is amazing as MTN is giving all subscribers free youtube night plan.

This youtube is actually free of cost, but you just have to subscribe to any MTN plan and can get up to 10gb free for youtube night browsing for free.

How To Get Free YouTube Data

To get the free youtube night plan, subscribe to MTN Weekly or Monthly data plan and get free Youtube data .

How Many Days Will the Youtube Free Data Last

Depends on the type of subscribe you did that earned you the free youtube data, if you subscribe for weekly data plan, you will get data that will expire in a week or two, and if you subscribe for monthly data plan, you will get free data that will last for one month.

What Time Does the Free Youtube Night Data Starts in the Night

Make sure to start using the data exactly 12am and stop when it 5am. That is when it wont use your original data sub.

Can I Use The Free Youtube for Both PC and Mobile

Yes, it works on both mobile and desktop.


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