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Importance of Past Questions To Students and Why You Must Have Them Before Your Exam

past questions

Its been a while I write here, and people have been asking for updates here and there but currently no updates I just wish to share some of my opinions with you all that’s all.

Today we will be discussing about past questions and why you suppose have them, it is not always compulsory especial when you are a very brilliant student, but if not i will advise you to have as many as possible.

Its not only by having them but by going through them, work them out, whatever you think is not clear about any question, take them to people that you think can solve them and get them solved.

Let us look at some keys or let us say point why you must have and go through past questions before your exam

1.  Your Exam is Likely to be one of the Past Questions

Its not very likely for your exam to be the past questions, but exam use to be from past questions and if the exam you are going to face tomorrow is the same questions you treated yesterday, you know there is no expectation than you to be expecting distinction or at worst upper credit.

2.  To Refresh Your Brain 

Yea to refresh your brain to update what is in your brain and to bring you closer to likely questions.

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