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Latest Ntel unlimited free browsing without any VPN or data subscription plan

If you are an old Ntel SIM user, then you must be familiar with the constant free browsing without the need for any active data subscription or VPN, and now it’s back again.
Ntel is currently browsing free without the use of any free browsing cheat and without any active subscription required. This is working for all Ntel SIM cards and there is no special settings required. All you need to do is to insert your Ntel SIM into your phone or Modem and start browsing free.
Keep in mind that this is most likely a glitch and it will be fixed sooner or later. So as always, it can stop browsing at any time. Just enjoy it while it lasts. And Incase it stops browsing, you can always check out all the available Ntel free browsing cheat by clicking here.


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