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MTN 500MB Daily Free Browsing (Latest Update & Superb Speed)


MTN 500MB Daily Free browsing is back! it works with the help of V2Ray by UTLoop VPN and this time, the servers are faster than ever. MTN 500MB per day is free, you do not need any activation code or cheat code as it is called, rather you will make use of just an application.

MTN 500MB Daily Free Browsing

V2Ray by UTLoop MTN 500MB daily is free, no fees involved, you get free access to the internet. All your apps will be powered and tunneled through the VPN service. The server has been updated for Nigerians only, now the IP isn’t Germany, but France region.

With V2Ray by UTLoop, you do not need to have an active data plan, active social bundle, or airtime to get connected. It is totally free and fast!

MTN 500MB Daily Free Browsing For V2Ray by UTLoop VPN
  1. Get your 3G or 4G MTN Sim Data turned on.
  2. Next, download V2Ray by UTLoop VPN from Playstore Here.

Download V2Ray

  1. After installing successfully, launch the application with an active sim having at most 1MB. Then head to the app menu navigation bar and tap “Update Config”.
Update Config from Menu

v2ray Update Config from Menu

  1. Once done, you will see the updated/available countries, so check for NGA.

v2ray Spectranet 4G Tweak
5. Choose MTN 500MB/D Tweak and tap the START Button.

MTN 500MB Daily Connected

Finally, once connected, you will see “Connected! Network Ping too 8**ms”.

Note: In case it doesn’t connect firsthand, retry a few more times till you see the connected! Ping information.

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