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My Views on Pollution (Smoke) and Their Effects to the Society


What is Pollution?

Pollution might be the act of creating disturbance for or to people in the surroundings, perhaps through air, water and any other thing that can bring discomfort to people or health damaging things.

How They Affect the Society

Many business shops use generator when there is no electricity. You find the whole street covered with smokes from one particular direction, Gidan wanka’s place.

A public toilet and water seller spot where a problematic generator is used to power water pumping machine . It’s always a dreaded moment for it’s neighbors as the whole place is covered with smoke.

Some house fenced with flowers and trees are less affected as it’s believed the plant will clear them off to some extent but what of those without flowers and there are kids around playing oblivious of the pollution.

Smoke Pollution is one of the many factors causing skin cancer. Smokes takes over the street when there is no electricity to carry out activities that requires power.


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