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Tecno Changes Phone Calling Default App to Phone_Ulife

ulife phone app

The ulife phone app is an app just introduce by the tecno, well, I dont know it is on other phones too, but baseo on what I have seen, it is on Tecno phones only.

Well, Tecno is also trying to impress us all with some of their amazing new features in their new mobile phones, and with no lies, they are really trying.

Recently, Tecno just changed the default phone app to Phone_Ulife, which is now the new app to make call, check recent calls and check contacts on the phone.

The above image shows the image of the Ulife app, well, if you are currently not using the Ulife app you are really missing out.

How To Download Phone_Ulife App On Android.
  1. Goto Settings.

  2. Select HiOS Lab

  3. In the list of apps, click to download Phone_Ulife

Give it some minutes to get the app installed, then close your settings app.

Enjoy the new Phone App, Phone_Ulife



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