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The 5 Different Types Of Businesses You Can Do With Your Mobile Phone.

The use of mobile phone today is beyond just making calls, browsing the internet and social media for fun and or communication. If by now, you are not making money with your mobile phone, then you are losing a lot. Your mobile phone before it depreciate is supposed to have given you back the money you used to buy it, at least 50% of the total money.There are businesses you can do with your mobile phone even while you are at home, some of these businesses can still give you money even while you are sleeping and that can be achieved with the power of leverage. Below are some of the business you can do with your mobile phone.

1) Selling of recharge card and Data (VTU).

It is clear and understandable that the number of people that are making use of mobile phone is increasing on a daily basis.It is also clear to everyone of us that nobody who has mobile phone can do without Data or airtime. According Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC), Nigerians spent 1 billion naira last year 2019 for Airtime and data subscription. All these data and airtime were bought from vendors, not just directly from the network providers.You can start the business of selling Data or airtime with your mobile phone, register with any reliable company that has a good partnership with the network providers. Advertise your business with your friends and family, gradually you will be known in your locality. Millionaires didn’t grow in one day. All you need for this business is your mobile phone which has a good internet connection, then you are go to go.

2) Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling another company’s product on your website or on social media pages or group for an agreed commission.For example, you can register with konga or any other e-commerce website of your choice, there many of them online, be obeying their rules and regulations, sell their products and services, and you will be paid the commission that goes with those products.

3) Multi Level Marketing.

This is the process where you are required to register someone under yourself and the person you registered, registered someone else too, thus the registration continues.The more people you register, or under you, the higher you go and the more money you make. In this type of business, you will even be making money while you sleep because you are earning with the power of leverage. Some of them comes with registration bonus or package as a means of welcoming you into the business. Make enquiry to know the best one that suits you.

4) Drops shipping.

This is the process of delivering goods for a business directly to your customers, as if you are the owner of the business but with the manufacturer as the real source of the delivery.Now this is how is done. You display the sample on your social media pages or group, a customer contacts you and want to buy what you displayed, you agreed with the price, and you contact the company that you want buy the particular goods which your customer had requested but the delivery address is going to be your customers address while your number is the the delivery phone number. That’s drop shipping.If you drop ship the orders, then you don’t need to own the products; but, fewer of your customers may suspect that you are acting as a middle man between them and the companies that own those products. You make money in drop shipping just like you make money in affiliate marketing but if you have more customers that are visiting your page where you are selling your affiliate products, you will make more money from it than drop shipping.

5) Payment of Electricity bill, Gotv and DStv subscription.

Today in Nigeria, so many people have prepared meter, so many people even in your compound also have DStv or Gotv and they are subscribing it, whether monthly or not. The subscription of Gotv or DStv is not only done virtually in their office or agent, you can do it with you mobile after you had registered with the company that’s partnering with them online.Is easier than you think, I’m doing it and there is no stress. The only thing required of you is internet connection phone which enables you to serve your customers since the business is 100% internet connection, and you are good to Go. All this and many more are businesses you can do with your mobile phone, right at the comfort of your home. Create job for yourself, you can as well do any of these businesses as a side hustle while you are still in your current job. One stream of income can’t make you rich but two or more stream of income can make you a rich man.


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