The Groove Music Player and its comparison with the long known Windows Media Player

windows media player

The Groove Music Player was just introduced in the recent Operating Systems, and since they are the latest we hoped to have the best features and quality that will make us forget our world known legendary Windows Media Player.

It is not even surprising as the Groove Music Player is not even up to the standard of the Windows Media Player and we are going to talk about it in details in this very post.

Before bringing in details, we all know it is not very easy to leave something someone is addicted to, but right here we are not even going to be talking about addiction, we are going to be talking about their uses, reliability and how easy there are to use.

Differences between Windows Media Player and the Groove  Music App

1. The ‘Add to Window Media Player List’ feature

In the old Windows media player, we all know we can add a music to que list (Playlist) from a folder a music is, but in the new Music app, it is not possible, the most annoying thing that there is even no other way to add music to the ongoing playlist in the Music App.

The below images illustrates what we are talking about.

windows media player

2. The Groove Music app takes too long to open:

In some of the versions of the Windows 10, the Groove Music app takes some seconds to open which is very annoying, below image shows how the app looks while it’s loading.

new music app

3. Our legendary Windows Media Player can be used to change music image while the Groove Music App does not have the feature to do that.

All these and some others reasons are why we say ‘the Groove Music app needs more improvement, though it environment is beautiful more than the Windows Media Player, but that is not what we really need, we need an improvement in it’s performance.

Thank you for reading.


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