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Top 4 Apps Everyone Must Have On Their Phone

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This is going to be interesting if you can take 3mins out of your time to read this post.

In this post I’m going to share with you the top 4 apps to install on your phone to make life the easiest for you.

This list is not going to contain music or video app, because some people prefer music to films and some prefer films to music, therefore we are going to discuss about the ones that every body will be in need of.

1. PDF Reader

PDF means Portable Document Format. PDF is a type of file that is so easy to transfer to anyone mayb throught internet or local connection.

Reason this PDF reader is important is that, most of our documents nowadays are in PDF, now imagine having to copy file to a computer before you are able to open the file, imagine the inconvinience.

PDF Reader includes, Adobe Reader, WPS etc.

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2. Notepad

I’m used to the use of notepad to the extent of using it everyday, notepad on my phone is one of the top 6 apps I use on my phone.

Notepad will make is easy to save texts from anywhere in the phone, just copy and paste straight to your notepad for later use, it is only when you later need the text you copied that you will know you have done something great.

3. File Manager

File Manager will help in exploring files on your phone and make it easy to navigate your phone storage.

There are some types of file that you can’t see them with any other app but only file manager, in a case your need to rename a file or change it’s file type the best app that can do this for you is the File Manager.

4. Phone Booster

Phone Booster will make your phone to be more faster, it will help you clean background running apps and make them not to be able to disturb your device.

Phone Booster also help in extending battery life as there will be no app to keep draining the battery in the background.


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