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What You Must Know About Gb Whatsapp And Why You Should Not Use It

gb whatsapp

We all know GB WhatsApp to be stylish, Beautiful and capable of viewing several posts even after being deleted, below are what I according to my experience think you should know before using the app.

  1. Blocking

You must know GB WhatsApp is not the official WhatsApp, it’s just like others like YO WhatsApp and others, therefore the creators of the official app and always tracking and finding ways to block and stop the usage of the app in which your WhatsApp number is at risk, it can be blocked and you might never be able to use your number with WhatsApp again.

  1. Late Message delivery

You will see some of your contacts reply late most times when using GB WhatsApp, this is for the reason that the app has been modified and pass through several servers before going to where you send it, so u will surely experience some kind of lateness in message delivery when you are using GB WhatsApp.

  1. Quitting the App

There are many reasons that can make you think of leaving the app, #2 above is number one here, and quitting the app will definitely let you lose all your chat histories, so, maybe you don’t really need to start what you know you will surely quit one day.

  1. App Hanging & Force Stopping

Since the app is not the original app from the app developers, due to series of modifications, the app usually hang at times and even force stop all of the sudden in some devices.

This usually happen when performing heavy tasks that is taking time or using too much network on the app where the app needs to wait for some minutes, before the completion of the task then the app starts to hang or end itself.

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