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Why small phones (Button Phones) are better than most smart phones

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Advantages of small phones mostly referred to as torchlight phone over most androids and iPhones out there.


Concerning performance, maybe speed and other capabilities of smartphones, it might not be very much ok to say small phones are better than smartphones, but with some reasons or points I have come out with, I think you will be able to reason with me.

1. More easier to make calls

Firstly, lets talk about typing numbers, on smart phones you first have to unlock the phone as commonly used by many, then open phone (dialer) then input the phone number, but let check the other one (small phones), just type the phone number straight after pressing any key to wake the phone.

In the case of speed dialing too, small phones are more faster, all you need to do is just to press any key to wake the phone then long press the speed dial number, but with smart phone, you will have to unlock probably, open dialer and then input the speed dial number.

2. Formatting SD Card

Nowadays most smartphones are not having the feature of formatting SD card which might be stressful at times, before ejecting the SD card and formatting with PC, but with small phones, all you need is to just format it straight in the phone like that and you are good.

3. Lasting Batteries

Due to limited functions of the small phones, it makes the battery to last longer than that of the smartphones, because you won’t even try to browse nor play games with small phones when you have your android or smart phone with you.

There are many reasons but the best is to have the two, smart phone preferably android and a small phone.

Have a good day and stay safe.


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