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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Battery Charging Guide: How to Charge it?

redmi band 5

The Xiaomi Band 5 released in 2020 has been in the market for more than a year now, but I just got the fact that some peeps are unable to charge their Band, actually that could be maybe they didn’t check the manual or they didnt buy it with the charger, actually most people doesnt check gadgets manual for guides, but google search whatever they want to know.

Meanwhile, charging the band is one of the simplest thing to do with the band, it wont even stress you nor use ur energy, so therefore, charging the band, will only cost u to pick up the magnetic charger from the box and get it attached to the band straight up.

The magnetic charger will be having 22 pins where it will connect to the band, just let the 2  point hit the 2 points spaces at the back of the band as described below.

How to Charge Xiaomi Band 5

  1. Take of the bank from ur wrist
  2.  Pick up the magnetic charger from the box
  3.  Get it attached to the band at the back as in the picture below.

redmi band 5 charging

Note: Have no need to detach the Mi Band to band strap.


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